About Us

Omni12 Show is a prestigious automotive aftermarket products trade event/car show. It showcases the industry's newest products and technologies and displays how they relate to your daily ride. The Omni12 show also features family friendly activities such as robotic vehicle competitions, educational seminars, product demonstrations, competitions, B2B networking opportunities and performances.

Here at Omni12 Show, not only could you meet the top artists in our industry and their works, but you may also find novel ideas to revamp your own vehicle to enjoy the latest technologies and upgrades.

We work with a wide range network of aftermarket automotive segments including but not limited to Tire; Body parts; Lighting & Automotive Electronics; Audio/Video Add-ons; Wheels; Exhaust components; Turbochargers; Cars and Trucks Accessories; paint and custom modifications; custom suspension, etc.

We are passion about what we do and hope to see you joining our community.

See you at Omni12 Show!